Mathematics M.S. Thesis (1992)

Convergence accelerators are used to speed the convergence of sequences, usually slowly converging sequences. The accelorators can also be applied to slowly converging power series (a special case of sequences). Finally, the accelorators can be used to extract anti-limits from divergent sequences (or power series).

The Performance of the Epsilon and Theta Convergence Acceleration Algorithms

Rate Monotonic Analysis (1993)

Published in the Proceedings of the Second Annual Rate Monotonic User’s Forum (hosted by the SEI), this paper shows how to use statistics to predict whether or not a set of tasks will be schedulable under rate monotonic rules. Further, this paper shows how different parameters impact schedulability.

A Statistical Model for Designers of Rate Monotonic Systems


Ocular Drug Delivery (1997)

Published in the Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences (Volume 86 Issue 9), this paper improves the mathematical model for the delivery of drugs to the eye (via an eyedrop). The previous model only included steady state conditions, this paper adds transient conditions (that is, when the drug first contacts the surface of the eye) to the model.

Transient Analysis of Ocular Drug Delivery – Zero Volume Effect

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