BS – Electrical Engineering (Computer Option), North Dakota State University, 1990.

BS – Mathematics, North Dakota State University, 1990.

MS – Mathematics, North Dakota State University, 1992.

I am a software engineer with about 20 years of experience. My primary development language has always been C++ (including the new C++11 language extensions), but I have also professionally developed in assembly, Java, various Unix scripting languages, SQL, and basic. Most of my experience (but not all) has been in embedded development, using operating systems such as: vxWorks, Lynx, pSOS, and Linux. I have also spent a good deal of time in networking (TCP/IP and other protocols), including routing and multicast protocols. I have developed code on the Linux platform, the windows platform, and for several DSPs.

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I am married to Annette, my beautiful and very talented wife. Together Annette and I are raising a houseful of really great kids – four of our own, seven adopted, and we currently foster two. I am busy as a parishioner, catechist, and Vincentian at Ss. Simon and Jude Cathedral. 

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